Monday, April 20, 2009

Web site I'd like you guys to check out

A group of my friends have started a web site and they've kindly asked me to join in on the madness. It took me about a second to agree, so in the very near future you can get my thoughts there. I'll still have my monthly reviews here, I'll just be there too.

Here's the web site description for you:

Project Foxhole is a website devoted to entertainment, in all its many forms. We seek to entertain you, and we seek to entertain ourselves.

Entertainment, of course, falls into pop culture and media. If there’s something to be said about comics, videogames, novels, TV, movies, pornography, comedy, or that thing that guy did that one day — we will say it. And we’ll say it with style

We’re here to celebrate the people who create the culture: the writers and artists, the lovers and haters, the opinion-slingers and fact-checkers.

Our community, which can be found through the Forums link, gives you a demilitarized zone in which you’re welcome to talk about what you want, within the confines of common human decency, and sometimes, just outside that. We’re all friends here; feel free to join in, grab a gun and shoot your mouth off.

We thank you for viewing. Kick your feet up, grab something to drink, something to eat. Browse. Enjoy yourself. Tell us what you think.

But most importantly: geek out. We all are. And we love every minute of it. So should you.

On behalf of everyone here in the trenches, on the frontline — welcome to Project Foxhole.

Hope you'll join in on the fun. Here's to new prospects and some fun for good measure.

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